SEOnet is an electronic information dissemination system of Ljubljana Stock Exchange, through which issuers and other users may quickly and effortlessly publish regulated and other information and is available here.
The advantages of SEOnet are:
  • ensuring public announcement in accordance with ZTFI-1,
  • the possibility of providing publications by issuers and available to the public 24/7,
  • availability of all information about issuers in one place,
  • faster informing of investors about regulated information,
  • flexibility in setting the date/time of public announcements,
  • wide circulation of information to the public,
  • price-effective manner of informing the public.

Publications on the SEOnet portal are available to users, who enter into a:
  • long term agreement on the use of the SEO services or 
  • agreement on one-time disclosure on SEO. 

Contact for publications on SEOnet: