Stock Market Segments: NEW! Sustainable Financing Market

The Sustainable Financing Market is a new segment of the stock market dedicated to sustainable financial instruments (ESG instruments).
To be listed on the new market, the following conditions must be met:
  • basic conditions required for the listing of each type of financial instrument on the stock market and
  • a statement of the issuer committing to meeting one or more sustainable goals, related to environmental, social justice and / or corporate governance issues (ESG commitments). The statement should be given at the time of issuance of the ESG instrument. The exchange shall deem that these commitments are met:
    • if the issuer has issued the financial instrument in accordance with one of the widely recognized ESG standards (such as ICMA Green Bond Principles, ICMA Social Bond Principles, ICMA Sustainability Bond Guidelines, EU Green Bond Standard, etc.) or other ESG standards, recommendations, guidelines deemed appropriate by the stock exchange, and
    • if the issuer has committed in the application for listing the financial instrument on the Sustainable Financing Market to publish annually a report on the fulfilment of its ESG commitments related to the issued ESG instruments.
After the listing of the ESG financial instruments on the Sustainable Financing Market, issuers are required to publish an annual report on the fulfilments of their commitments regarding the set of sustainability goals.

Financial instruments listed on the Sustainable Financing Market receive a special ESG label, which is visible on the exchange's website for each financial instrument and in the price list.