Ljubljana Stock Exchange is a private joint-stock company, which complies with and implements the corporate governance principles arising out of legal norms, the company's internal acts and established best practices.

The company is operated by a two-tier system of governance, where the Management Board runs the business and is monitored by the Supervisory Board. The company's Articles of Association in addition to the General Meeting of Shareholders also provides for two additional bodies the Board of Members and the Board of Issuers which have no direct influence on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange governance but make indirect contributions to its reaching its objectives and strategy.

The Management Board of the LJSE adopted the Corporate Governance Policy of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange (the CG Policy) with the consent of the Supervisory Board of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange on 21 January 2019, which was updated on 30th January 2020 and 27th January 2022. The CG Policy sets out the principal guidelines concerning the governance of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, taking into consideration its long-term objective. In the CG Policy the Management Board and the Supervisory Board, pursuant to legislative and statutory provisions, commit to and publicly disclose how they will supervise and run the company. In addition to this the CG Policy sets out the strategies of communication and collaboration with individual groups of stakeholders.

In accordance with the Slovenian Coorporate Governance Code for Public companies the Management and Supervisory Board also adopted the Policy on the Diversity of the Management and Supervisory Boards of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange.

The Ljubljana Stock Exchange's corporate governance is described in details of the Corporate Governance Statement, published in the Annual Report of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange.

Articles of Association