Become Exchange Member: How to Become an Exchange Trader?

An exchange trader or broker executes client orders, manages client funds, and provides advice on trading financial instruments.
To become an exchange trader, you must meet the conditions outlined below and be authorized by one of the members of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange.
  • Requirements for Obtaining the Status of an Exchange Trader
  • To have a valid license issued by the competent regulator or authority or to sensibly fulfil the requirements for carrying out the activities of a stockbroker, as determined by the regulations of the home country.
  • Application for Obtaining the Status of an Exchange Trader
  • In addition to the valid license, you need a trading code for the exchange trading system (Xetra® T7) to start your profession. This code is granted by the Ljubljana Stock Exchange. To obtain this code, an exchange member must authorize you to act as an exchange trader by submitting a completed authorization form for the exchange trader (Form 03/MT) to the exchange.
  • Granting the Status of an Exchange Trader
  • Upon receiving the authorization from the exchange member, the Ljubljana Stock Exchange will promptly assign you a trading code. With this code, you can enter orders into the Xetra® T7 system and start trading.
  • Cost
  • The costs associated with meeting all the requirements for obtaining the status of an exchange trader are as follows (excluding VAT):
    • The exchange fee for deciding on the admission of an exchange trader to conduct business on the exchange, amounting to EUR 110.00.
    • Upon the request of an exchange member, the exchange can, on their behalf, configure all the rights and parameters of the exchange trader in the trading system, charging a fee of EUR 110.00 for this service.