Become Investor: Other frequently asked questions

Where to receive information about inheriting financial instruments?

Regarding the inheritance of financial instruments, please contact:

KDD- Central Securities Clearing Corporation
Tivolska 48, Ljubljana
Tel. 00386 307 35 00

Can I recieve daily price list of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange via e-mail?

They are available on our website, where you can also view the archive of exchange rates. You can also get them from our vendors. You can subscribe to the SEOnet service free of charge where at the end of the day you will recieve all notifications from publishers by e-mail, as well as an exchange rate.

If you wish to obtain information on trading on Ljubljana Stock Exchange, you can contact us at:

How to become a stockbroker?

You can find more information on the websites for stock exchange members.

Where can I follow the prices of financial instruments live?

You can follow the prices of the financial instruments listed on Ljubljana Stock Exchange live through authorized information providers (vendors), to whom Ljubljana Stock Exchange provides trading data. On their websites, all those who sign a contract with them can follow the data on current trading of all financial instruments. Vendors' offers are different in terms of technology, content, as well as price, so for further information you should contact them.