Shares Segment: Prime Market

Prime Market is the most elite part of our regulated market, intended for outstanding companies regarding:
  • liquidity,
  • size and
  • transparency.
Prime Market was established to improve visibility of Slovenia’s finest companies among international investors. Listing of shares on Primer Market is intended to signal investment quality to investors and place the issuer among the best companies in its industry. 

Companies listed to Prime Market follow additional disclosure standards:
  • International Financial Reporting Standards,
  • publication of quarterly results,
  • publication of statement of compliance with an applicable Code of Conduct,
  • disclosures are also available in English language, thus increasing the company’s visibility in international environment, and
  • follow Ljubljana Stock Exchange Guidelines on Disclosure.

Shares listed on the Prime Market are more liquid compared to other segments, as they must fulfil additional liquidity criteria. This is reflected in greater trading volume, higher number of trades, more market depth and thereby reducing “hidden” costs borne by investors when trading. 

Ljubljana Stock Exchange offers additional marketing and promotion services for international investors to issuers listed on the Prime Market and provides support regarding disclosure rules and corporate governance of the highest standard. 

Conditions and criteria for listing shares on the Prime Market
Post-listing requirements