Obligations of Issuers: Listing Conditions

General Listing Conditions

For listing of instruments on the Regulated Market the following regular listing conditions have to be met:
  • the issuer’s legal status:
    • the issuer’s incorporation and legal status comply with the regulations of the country of its registered office;
    • the issuer has obtained a LEI code;
  • the publication of the prospectus and other information:
    • obligation to publish a prospectus approved by a competent authority in accordance with Market in Financial Instruments Act or EU Prospectus Regulation; or
    • obligation to submit a signed statement of using an exception to the obligation to publish a prospectus;
  • instruments are freely transferable:
  • the issuance of instruments and settlement of trades in these instruments:
    • instruments are validly issued and all conditions for safe settlement of trades are met.

Conditions to begin trading
  • publication of any addendum to the prospectus, should it exist; and 
  • payment of exchange fees pursuant to Ljubljana Stock Exchange Fee Schedule.

Special Listing Conditions

  • Shares Segment
  • Subsegment Conditions
    Prime Market
    • General listing conditions.
    • Special Prime Market listing conditions:
      • Class of shares:
        • Ordinary shares, each giving only 1 vote;
      • Quantitative criteria:
        • Audited annual reports for 3 business years;
        • Minimum capital value: 10m EUR;
        • Free float percentage: 25% or more.
      • Disclosure standards:
        • The issuer undertakes to publish all reports in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards;
        • The issuer undertakes to make at least a summary of its disclosures available in English as well;
        • The issuer undertakes to additionally provide quarterly reports, financial calendar and a statement of compliance with the Corporate Governance Code;
        • The issuer undertakes to follow good practice set out in Ljubljana Stock Exchange Guidelines for Disclosure.
    Standard market
    • General listing conditions.
  • Bond Segment
  • Instrument Conditions
    • General listing conditions.
    Treasury bills
    • General listing conditions.
    Commercial papers
    • General listing conditions.
  • Structured Products Segment
  • Instrument Conditions
    UCITS Units
    • General listing conditions.
    • ​Special conditions for UCITS Units:
      • Information on the fund's investment strategy is available to investors;
      • A concluded market making agreement for listed or another applicable mechanism to help investors sell them;
      • Regular publication of fund's Net Asset Value.
    • Special conditions for the Management Company managing UCITS, regarding competent authority approval:
      • License to provide investment fund management services;
      • License to manage UCITS, whose units are the subject of the application for listing;
      • Approval of the publication of the prospectus in accordance with ZISDU-3;
      • Consent to the UCITS Rules of Management.
    AIF Units
    • General listing conditions.
    • The following information is available to investors:
      • the investment strategy of the fund;
      • options for exiting the investment;
      • the type or category of investors the mutual fund units are intended for and to whom they may be marketed;
      • independent valuation of the fund's assets annually.
    • The management rules of the fund and the offer document or prospectus of the fund.
    • At least 25% of all issued fund units are publicly available.
    • Other information required by relevant regulations.
    • Conditions for listing Close-end Fund Shares:
      • the Close-end Fund Shares have been issued by an investment company, established and operated in accordance with Chapter 2.4 of the ZOAIS;
      • the shares are freely transferable;
      • the shares are validly issued and the conditions for the reliable settlement of trades in them are also met;
      • fulfilled obligations regarding the prospectus in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2017/1129.
    Investment Certificates
    • General listing conditions.
    • General listing conditions.
    Freely transferable rights upon increases of share capital
    • General listing conditions.