What's New: 41. Financial Conference

05/14/2024 09:00
On Tuesday, May 14, and Wednesday, May 15, 2024, the 41st financial conference took place at GH Bernardin, co-organized by the Ljubljana Stock Exchange and Časnik Finance. This year's 41st financial conference focused on the challenges facing financiers and the opportunities awaiting us this year and beyond. The conference was once again trying to offer a comprehensive understanding of the current state and future challenges in the financial sector. Renowned foreign and domestic experts was discussed the pitfalls and many financial opportunities.

We addressed several key topics, including geopolitical risks and their impact on financial markets, interest rate trends, cybersecurity in the financial sector, the introduction of the digital euro and its effect on banks and payment service providers. Emphasis were also placed on the role of artificial intelligence in finance, developments in stock markets, investment management in an inflationary environment, and strategies for utilizing surplus capital. Additionally, we heard how insurance companies are adapting to climate changes, how and where companies operating in the region see opportunities for growth, investment, networking, and what their plans are. In the final part, entrepreneurial champions were also presented, sharing their success stories with us.