What's New: Annual overview of the events on the Stock Exchange

02/07/2024 09:00
The first webinar of the year, "Annual overview of the events on the Stock Exchange", took place on Wednesday 7 February 2024 at 9.00. At the very beginning, we made a brief overview of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange's performance in 2023, looking at the share of turnover by segments, the turnover of the exchange members, which were the most traded stocks, the movement of the SBITOP and SBI TR indices and the movement of the Prime’s Market stocks prices.
Participants learned about the conditions in the capital market in the previous year, the growth of Slovenian stocks, and we discussed current economic conditions and ongoing stock market activities both domestically and internationally, as well as what lies ahead in the future.

Participants in the discussion included:
  • Tomaž Okorn, stock market commentator and journalist, serving as the event moderator,
  • Vid Pajič, Director of Analysis, Triglav Skladi,
  • Đivo Pulitika, Fund Manager, InterCapital Asset Management.
The event was highly successful, as we recorded more than 150 registered participants.
For those who missed the event, the recording is available on our YouTube channel: Letni pregled dogajanja na borzi (youtube.com)