What's New: Educational webinar "Let's go to the Stock Exchange and save money"

03/21/2023 09:05

Educational webinar "Let's go to the Stock Exchange and save money"

On Tuesday 21 March 2023, at 9.00 am (online), the Ljubljana Stock Exchange will host its traditional educational event for highschool and university students, this time called "Let's Go to the Stock Exchange & Save", as part of the Global Money Week. The event aims to promote financial literacy and raise awareness of the importance of saving and investing. The webinar will provide participants with interesting and interactive presentations led by financial experts to learn the basics of stock trading and investing. We will present the stock market from the perspective of investing and speculation, why we need the KDD and how to save for a better tomorrow. We will also touch upon the hot and very topical world of crypto. During the webinar, we will also run a prize game where we will give away 20 "Borza Slovenije" board games.

World Money Week with the slogan Learn.Save.Earn is an international project whose main aim is to promote financial literacy and awareness among young people from an early age, gradually building the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours needed to make good financial decisions. This year's GMW theme "Plan your money, plant your future" encourages young people to be forward-looking in their financial decisions and to take a broad view of the environment and society.

Event programme:

9:00 Welcome and opening address - Karmen Pogorevc, Ljubljana Stock Exchange
9:05 Stock Exchange as a place for investing and speculating - Andraž Aš, Ljubljana Stock Exchange
9:30 The role of the KDD in the securities market, Vid Slamič, KDD
10:00 Saving Today for a Better Tomorrow: Investing in Mutual Funds, Vid Pajić, Triglav Funds
10:45 ABC of stock market trading, Ilirika
11:05 How to enter the crypto world? How to get started in the crypto market Ilirika
11:25 Q&A

You can register for the event via the following link.

You are kindly invited to attend the webinar.

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