Past events: Educational webinar "Let's go to the Stock Exchange"

Thursday, 24 March 2022

Educational webinar: "Let's go to the Stock Exchange"

On March 24th, 2022 the Ljubljana Stock Exchange joined the Global Money Week and organized a traditional educational event for students: »Let's go to the Stock Exchange«. The event was organized as an online webinar through Zoom platform.

Countries from every continent are participating in order to raise awareness of the importance of financial education and financial inclusion of children and youth. With financial access and financial education children and youth can learn to save and spend money responsibly. The slogan of the event is Learn.Save.Earn. This slogan also fits Slovenia as research shows that financial literacy is very low among youth.

The LJSE prepared a very informative and interesting Agenda:
  • 9:00 welcome speech | Aleš Ipavec, president of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange Management Board
  • 9:05 basics of personal finance and investment opportunities | Srečko Korber, Moje Finance journalist
  • 9:35 introduction to securities and securities market infrastructure | Vid Slamič, Director of the International Relations Department of KDD
  • 10:05 what is the Stock Exchange and what is its role | Andraž Aš, legal advisor of LJSE
  • 10:35 Securities trading, where to start and what the process is | Matjaž Lorenčič, Member of the Management Board of Ilirika
  • 11:05 Q&A time
The Ljubljana Stock Exchange thus joined the global movement and the important message it wishes to promote and host students from high schools and faculties. The online Webinar was extremely successful, as more than 525 students, teachers, professors, and other interested individuals joined from over 37 different educational institutions.