What's New: Financial Festival

10/24/2023 09:00

Financial Festival

The Ljubljana Stock Exchange organized a two-day Financial Festival on 24 and 25 October as part of Savings Month.
Both days were packed with educational content and interesting presentations by experienced experts from the financial industry. We introduced to participants the concept of debt securities and took them into the world of ETFs. We also explained the benefits of pension funds. As we want to offer as much information as possible, we touched on global markets, explained the advantages of equities over deposits, got to know who Modra is, and met Investor Maks. With a focus on innovation and technological advances, our issuers Petrol, NLB, Equinox, Sava Re, Krka, Triglav Group and Telekom Slovenije also presented themselves to the audience.
Our main purpose is to encourage the public to better understand and engage with the financial markets. By providing correct and quality information, we aim to eradicate the feeling of uncertainty that people often experience before entering the stock market or before they start investing. With the Financial Festival, we have created a platform where individuals can gain the valuable insights and knowledge, they need to successfully manage their finances and investments.
The event was extremely well received and attended, with more than 450 viewers in total watching it live on the Zoom platform. The event was broadcast live on STA, with over 7,800 video views recorded over the two days.
We would like to thank all the Partners of the event and the companies that made it possible:
  • Anže Habjanstockbroker, NLB ( exchange member), who presented the hidden treasures of debt securities
  • Đivo PulitikaFund Manager, InterCapital Asset Management, who presented the world of ETFs
  • Žiga VižintinAdvisor to the Management Board, Pokojninska družba A, who introduced us to pension funds
  • Matija BitencMember of the Management Board, Petrol, who introduced us to Petrol
  • Žan ZadravecInvestor Relations Officer, NLB, who spoke about innovation and digitalization
  • Peter KrivcChairman of the Board, Equinox, who presented shares in real estate companies
  • Nikola MaljkovićAnalyst, OptimTrader, who gave an overview of global markets
  • Vid PajičDirector of Analysis, Triglav Skladi, who spoke about investment illusions
  • Matej Golob MatzelePresident of the Management Board, in Slađana Stevanović, Key account manager, Modra zavarovalnica, who presented Modra zavarovalnica  
  • Polona Pirš ZupančičMember of the Management Board, Sava Re, who spoke about technological innovations in customer satisfaction services
  • David BratožMember of the Management Board, Krka, who presented business, innovation and technological advances
  • Jure UgovšekJournalist and Editor, Časnik Finance, who introduced us to Investor Maks
  • Helena Ulaga KitekDirector of Investor Relations, Triglav Group, who is committed to creating a safer future
  • Peter AnžinDirector of Finance and Accounting, Telekom Slovenije, who introduced Telekom.
We wish to thank everyone who participated in the event and urge you to continue to follow us and attend our events to help spread financial literacy.

For all of you who missed the event, you can watch it by clicking on following link: Finančni Festival 2023 - YouTube