Past events: Listing of ETFs on Ljubljana Stock Exchange

Thursday, 08 April 2021

Listing of ETFs on Ljubljana Stock Exchange

On Thursday, 8th April 2021 Ljubljana Stock Exchange hosted an online webinar: "Listing of ETFs on Ljubljana Stock Exchange'' which was held via the GoToWebinar e-platform from 10.00 am.
The event was moderated by Mrs Karmen Pogorevc, Head of Business Development, Ljubljana Stock Exchange, and attended by:
  • Mr Aleš Ipavec, President of the Management Board, Ljubljana Stock Exchange,
  • Mr Nikolay Vassilev, CFA, Managing partner, Expat Capital
  • Mr Myhajlo Todurov, Chief editor, Financial advisor, VZAJEMCI SKUPINA d.o.o.
  • Mrs Dilyana Todorova,Securities Trader, Expat Asset Management
  • Mr Mehmed Dikme, Financial Analyst, Expat Asset Management

The recording of the event is available on our YouTube channel and you can read the press release here.
The event was held partly in English and partly in Slovenian.