11/14/2023 09:35

NLB and the IPO: Five years later

A November morning exactly five years ago. The bell rings on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, announcing one of the key milestones in the history of NLB and the NLB Group: the listing of NLB shares on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange and the completion of the IPO process.

Five years ago, NLB's share started its listing at €51.50 (at the same time, the global depositary receipts, the so-called GDRs, were also listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange), and five years later (on 13 November 2023), it closed the trading day at €82. Since its listing five years ago, investors have thus enjoyed a total return of 113%, in the form of a 59% return on share price growth and a 54% return on dividends.

On this occasion, our colleague Karmen Pogorevc, Head of R&D at the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, had the privilege of interviewing the CEO, Blaž Brodnjak, who shared his thoughts on the company's past performance and his vision for the future. A recording of the interview can be viewed at the following link: NLB - 5 YEARS OF LISTING (in Slovene).

An overview of the key achievements of NLB and the NLB Group over the last five years can be found here: NLB and IPOs.