What's New: Overview of the events on the Stock Exchange in Q2 2023

06/13/2023 14:00

Overview of the events on the Stock Exchange in Q2 2023

On Thursday, 13 July 2023at 14:00, Ljubljana Stock Exchange organised this year's third webinar “Overview of the events on the Stock Exchange in Q2”.
The participants got to know about the activities and events that took place on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange in the second quarter of 2023. Together, we explored what's happening in the capital markets and discovered why bond markets are "the promised island of safety". We took a look at the stock markets from the perspective of a treasurer and a broker, who among other things commented on the latest trend in artificial intelligence and what we can expect in the upcoming period.

The panel included:
  • Tomislav Apollonio, Head of Brokerage TeamNKBM,
  • Žan Jarc, Treasury TraderNKBM,
  • Karmen Pogorevc, Head of Business Development, Ljubljana Stock Exchange, moderator of the event.
The event was well-attended, as we recorded more than 135 registered participants.

For all of you, who missed the event, the recording is available on our YouTube channel.