What's New: Event to mark the listing of ETFs on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange

01/23/2024 11:00

New InterCapital ETFs now also on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange: Attractive returns even in times of low interest on savings

InterCapital Asset Management is now also offering its two new ETFs on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange: the InterCapital Euro Money Market UCITS ETF (which offers exposure to the money market) and the InterCapital BET-TRN UCITS ETF (which tracks the Romanian equity index) Ljubljana, 23. January 2024 - InterCapital Asset Management (ICAM), the leading independent asset management firm in the SEE region, today listed its two new ETFs - InterCapital Euro Money Market UCTIS ETF and InterCapital BET-TRN UCITS ETF - on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange.

On this occasion, a press event was held at the Ljubljana Stock Exchange today, 23 January, at 11:00 a.m., where representatives of InterCapital Asset Management presented the two new ETFs and answered questions from the press.

InterCapital Euro Money Market UCTIS ETF
It is the first open-ended investment money fund in Croatia, currently one of the safest and most cost-effective investment products on the market and a real alternative to time deposits or holding money in accounts. In an environment where traditional banks offer extremely low interest rates on deposits, InterCapital Asset Management has entered the market with a solution with an expected net return of 3.40%* per annum. The expected return is based on the return of the securities in which the fund invests on 22.01.2024. The regular management fee of 0.15% places this fund in the class of the most competitive European funds.

It is an ETF that tracks the Romanian BET-TRN index, presenting a new opportunity for investors to invest in the fast-growing Romanian market. With its exceptional economic growth, one of the key factors that make the Romanian capital market extremely attractive for investors is the relatively low valuations of its shares. For example, the Romanian dividend yield at the BET-TRN index level is around 6%, indicating a favourable position for investors looking for a return on investment. Following the listing of Hidroelectrica on the Bucharest Stock Exchange in 2023, which was one of the 5 largest IPOs in the world that year and the largest ever in our region, Romania is on the path of reclassification from an emerging market ("Frontier Market") to an emerging market ("Emerging Market"). This change is expected to attract significant new capital to the stock market and further boost share price growth.

Presentation can be seen via the following link: https://youtu.be/c1PBrN0KxgY