Past events: Open Days to the Financial World

Thursday, 25 March 2021

Open Days to the Financial World

Ljubljana Stock Exchange has been once again be a part of the Global Money Week, an annual traditional event, which lasts from 22.3.2021 till 28.3.2021. This year Ljubljana Stock Exchange participated in events organized by the Bank Association of Slovenia, where students have learned all about  the Exchange, capital markets, investing in securities and funds, brokers, saving and much more.

The Ljubljana Stock Exchange is certain that financial literacy is the key foundation for a successful future of everyone. We are ultimately confronted with financial decisions at every turn. It is our strong belief that the Exchange’s mission and legacy should also be financial literacy

​The event ‘Open Days to the Financial World’ is part of a global movement within the framework of the Global Money Week. Countries from every continent are participating in order to raise awareness of the importance of financial education and financial inclusion of children and youth. With financial access and financial education children and youth can learn to save and spend money responsibly. The slogan of the event is 'Take care of yourself, take care of your money' This slogan fits also Slovenia as research shows that financial literacy is very low among youth.

The Ljubljana Stock Exchange has thus joined the global movement and the important message it wishes to promote. The participants of on-line event have learned all about the Exchange, its operations, Slovenian capital market, how to become a broker, saving and other important topics, which are important for financial literacy of each individual.