Past events: Webinar: "Slovenian Listed Companies Online"

Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Webinar: "Slovenian Listed Companies Online"

On Wednesday, 22 March 2023, at 13:00 CET, the first investment webcast of the year "Slovenian Listed Companies Online" took place via the Zoom online platform. Investors had the opportunity to listen to representatives of the 6 blue-chip companies of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange's Prime Market and gain a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing our Capital Market. 

At the beginning, Ms. Karmen Pogorevc, Head of Business Development at the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, addressed the audience and announced the programme of the event. Then Mr. Danijel Delač, Member of the Management Board of the company and our exchange member InterCapital Securities, continued with an overview of the Slovenian Capital Market. After the overview, the first presentation of the Triglav Group followed, where Ms. Helena Ulaga Kitek, Head of Investor Relations department, presented their results. Sava Re was next, presented by Ms. Polona Pirš Zupančič, Member of the Management Board and Mr. Tadej Mendiževec, Director of Financial operations and Asset management. Next was Cinkarna Celje, represented by Mr. Aleš Skok, President of the Management Board, Ms. Nikolaja Podgoršek Selič, Member of the Board and Technical Director, and Ms. Karmen Fujs, Head of Accounting. Krka's results were next presented by Mr. Brane Kastelec, Finance director and Mr. Uroš Ožbolt, Head of Capital Markets. Then we listened the presentation of Petrol by Mr. Matija Bitenc, Member of the Management Board and CFO, and Ms. Barbara Jama Živalič, Executive Director of Finance. The last presentation was about NLB, presented by Mr. Blaž Brodnjak, President of the Management Board, and Mr. Peter Jenčič, Analyst - Adviser.

The event was a great success, with more than 200 registered investors, both domestic and foreign. The event was attended by participants from Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Sweden, USA, Finland, UK, Germany, and Austria. 

From this data we can see that the interest of investors, both from the home region and from other countries, is very high, which contributes to the fact that we will strive to hold such events in the future and to promote the visibility of domestic joint stock companies among investors around the world.